Keeping myself in check

How many of us are honest in our opinions about our own relationships like this lady is? I can hardly count a few out of thousands of people I know around the world. This love/hate relationship between a couple keeps the “stranger” part in the other alive so much that it feels interesting to suffer each other. Majority of relationships I have watched (not experienced myself) sound exactly how she describes i.e. sort of enemies to each other. Its not whether it is right or wrong, I am sure both of them find it (the ride) quite interesting at the least.

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Healing from Sex Addiction

With all of the stress in life lately, and frankly, over the last at least 4 years with Mr. Perfect, I don’t know how I’ve kept it all together.

One thing I’ve noticed since Mr. Perfect has been home from his 3 1/2 week stay at the hospital is that I’m overly critical of him and/or if he has an idea about something, I try and improve it by giving my 2 cents. To be honest, I’ve been reacting this way more likely since DDay over 3 years ago. Sure this is what people do, but I’m starting to see I do it quite often and it’s probably because I don’t really trust his thought processes and I clearly still have resentment for his actions with fucking and romancing a bunch of other women.

Fair? Absolutely.

Normal? Absolutely.

Productive in moving forward to a peaceful and healthy place in our…

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