Never start a fight, but know how to end one

A very sane advice for people who find it hard to argue.


Affirmation no.53: I never start the fight, but I sure know how to end it. 

Hello and Welcome, 


If you have not read the article on the power of affirmation you may want to have a look into it to understand fully this series. 

We are elegant people, most certainly with kind hearts and very little desire to start fights. We are refined people and may never want to get in a fight anyway. Unfortunately, life is not always a peaceful stroll in the park, and you may encounter people who will push your buttons, sometimes, the people you love the most will also be in this category (deplorable but true). Luckily for you, I hate conflicts but I also hate losing an argument, which makes a pretty good duo as I will do anything to avoid it, but once you’re on, you are on.


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