The Great Realisation – A Must Watch

Thousands of years of human history and civilizations have proven that we learn nothing from our mistakes or from disasters. After this is over, we’d all happily and forgetfully go back to our self-destructive selves and no one will remember nothing.

Individually and collectively, we have a very short memory. Virus or no virus, we’d all still go back to the self-destructive ways lead by greed. And there is nothing fortunate or unfortunate about it. No matter how much humans try to destroy planet Earth or the nature (and/or universe), it is still far far bigger and stronger than our wildest imagination.

Those of us who are aware are stopped by the ignorant right in the middle of us. And for those ignorant find some of us like the one hopeful in this video a great hurdle towards their prophecies of gloom and doom.

It would be interesting to see who wins at the end (of us)?

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