Can Your Words Hurt You?

Please (oh please) allow me to disagree with this lady who is asking us all to be not ourselves in writing or in person. Your words are yours, the very essence of you and if you can’t own or protect things that came out of you (in shape of words), then what are you worth of except being someone who carries doublespeak inside themeselves? All these masks people wear all around us are actually what should be damned in the words you described someone’s honest or raw words. If you are a bitch, wear it proudly on your forehead. And the same applies on ass-holes too. My 2 cents please 🙂

The Hermits' Rest

Yes. I am sure of it. Why am I so sure? Well, things you say in public forums, such as Facebook groups and pages, Twitter, etc., can be read by anyone. “Anyone” includes potential employers, people doing background checks, etc.

I now commence to lecture people who probably won’t read this. Bear with me. It will make me feel better, and hey, it’s my forum.

I hereby mount my soapbox.

So, if you threaten to kill people who don’t agree with you, declare that every member of some other group is stupid or evil, or declare that everyone who does something for a living should suffer or die, all kinds of folks will read it and form opinions about you, not just your in-group members.

I’m seeing this more and more as people become increasingly frustrated these days. I see it a lot in people who currently aren’t working, but…

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2 thoughts on “Can Your Words Hurt You?

  1. Thanks for reblogging, and I totally agree that if expressing things however you want, or being an asshole is so important to you that it doesn’t matter how it affects your ability to get a job or your perception in the community, you should go for it. Freedom of speech does include freedom to be a jerk. My goal was to just point out the consequences.

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    1. There are consequences for not being ourselves. For being yourself, I assure you of all sorts of heavens lying in front of you. A job or community can easily go to hell if all their requirement is to be shallow, hideous, and a fake individual like the one you were professing. Thanks for understanding my point of view while calling me all sort of names i.e. an ass-hole, a jerk and what not. You are free to be a bitch too just like many around us already 🙂 HAIL THE HITLER…. lols


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