Summertime In New York: A Movie About Cheating


Here’s the trailer;

You can watch the whole movie for free at;

Watching this movie reminds me of 177 relationships. Oh well, empty fucking relationships I had with with various women from coast to coast in a span of less than 10 years. But I never got jealous of any woman cheating on me like the guy did in this movie. I actually used to feel each time something like “Good Riddance”.

I ask this question to myself many times and each time no matter how different is the answer, it still does not satisfy me. Like the question is simple, something like this;

What the fuck were you doing with that woman?

Like seriously. We fuck each other and that’s about it. Its fucking all the time. Whether it is our bodies or our brains, they just fuck each other. And guess what? All in the name of something stupid called “love”. Yeah! That’s the irony I wonder most of the time. And I just wanted to see how being part of those fuckers will actually feel. And you know what, it feels fucking empty, blank and nothing.

Anyways, this movie was good and I enjoyed it. Sort of like watching my own life, minus the ending. Nobody is worth dying for, I suppose.

Btw, the woman (and the acting) in this movie that I really liked is the photographer featured in the cover image of this post. Her name is Jenny Grace Makholm. I saw her first time in this movie and I’d love to watch more of hers. Seems like a natural acting talent. And sexy as hell, no question about that 🙂

jenny grace




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