Create A Windows 10 Desktop Shortcut To Open A Specific Website URL In Google Chrome Browser Private Mode (Incognito)


Sometimes you don’t want your computer or internet browser to store your information due to privacy issues. To achieve this, you can start a Chrome browser in Incognito (or a private) mode.

Here’s how you can create a Windows 10 desktop shortcut icon that opens a specific website in private browsing mode via Google Chrome Incognito;

Click Start menu and right-click “Google Chrome” shortcut. Select “More –> Open file location”;


Right-click the Google Chrome icon and select “Send to –> Desktop (create shortcut)”;


Right-click the newly-created desktop shortcut icon and select “Properties”;


Next to the Target field, enter


And press OK when done;


Next time, whenever you click this incognito chrome browser shortcut icon on your desktop, you’d always open that specific website in private mode without storing your online activity information via Incognito mode;


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