Free File Manager And Editor For Vesta Control Panel (Vesta CP)


To install a free file manager and file editor for Vesta CP, follow these instruction;

Use Putty to SSH in your server as “root” and issue this command;

wget ‘’


Press “i” on your keyboard to initiate file editing and go to 7th or 8th line to remoe () next to Vestawpinstaller()


When done, simply press “Esc” key on your keyboard and issue this command to quit saving the file;


Next issue this command to run the vesta CP file manager script;


When done, open Vesta CP IP address in your browser and click  “EL FM” on top-left hand menu;


Next, to view and/or edit any file of a website, simply go to this path home –> web — –> public_html. Right-click on the file and select “Edit text file”;


When done editing, simply click “OK” button;


Never mind dock and undock buttons as they simply allow you to move the menu box from one place to another on the same window (more like aesthetically speaking).


2 thoughts on “Free File Manager And Editor For Vesta Control Panel (Vesta CP)

  1. Awesome feature, I love this File manager, but I have a suggestion or should I say notice, it happens that the filemanager can only be seen by only the admin, how about the sub users and resellers

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