State The Obvious


Let me
State the obvious

I will care

What you say
Only when

You care

What I have
To say

Note: Until then, let’s compete in whose lungs have more power for a diatribe nobody listens or cares about. The art of conversation, listening and speaking comes with a lot of self-love, self-care and growing. I have seen people too old to be still stupid enough to not hear the others out or at least hear their own words coming out of their own mouths. Its like someone says something and upon being called out or disagreeing, they try to either defend themselves or come off as someone loud enough. Nobody is willing to learn or thank the other for giving them a different angle or a point of view than their own. Alternate reality is perfectly fine as long you allow others to live in the same.

Btw I have found myself get horny whenever a beautiful woman disagrees with me and gives me a different or a completely opposite view of things. And in this middle age, let me assure you that this being horny does not come naturally to us men like our childhood or teenage years. A woman has to be not just beautiful but intelligent too before getting in our pants I suppose 🙂

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