You And I


I am usually frugal with words since there is only this much you can talk to yourself. Its not because I don’t have audience already. Actually, I have to sneak into an unknown place (unknown even to myself which is strange) to find these “me” moments to talk to myself.

However, lately I have been feeling the presence of another being right next to me. Its not related to anything horror i.e. witches, jinnies. Its more like someone who does not only want to hear me but also wants to talk to me. I don’t think I ever set out to find anyone except to make love, maybe.

This brings us to quite a strange discovery of mine which may in reality not mean anything to scientists. I feel like there are only two people in this vast and empty universe i.e. me and you. And the moment I feel your presence, everything starts looking and feeling different.

I mean this tree is the same like it has been since my childhood. But the moment I realize your existance, I can start feeling its branches, its colors, the birds singing on it, squirrels playng, etc. Not that I never felt them before. Its another beautiful kind of feeling that I want to save these precious moments and narrate them to you.

Of course, you have your own eyes and ears to feel them. So do I. But isn’t it more wonderful and a life-like experience to share it with each other? I like the feeling of your presence even though there is nothing and nobody physically that I can point to.

I know you exist just like how you know I exist out there, somewhere. Let’s bask in that feeling until we meet each other 🙂

Note: Just in case someone with a dick starts sending me any love, I’d like to explain physical features of that being. She has at least two boobs (there is a 3-boob lady in the movie “Total Recall”) and a vagina. However, if one invests years and thousands of bucks into sex-change surgery, I may consider his (newly “her”) effort.

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