Straight from my heart πŸ’–

Nichole (Nikki) describes the reasons so well for my never mentioning names or circumstances when people who are walking definitions of pure and true evil happened to cross my path. What shocks the hell out of me how come their conscience is dead and instead they project the same upon others to carry on making a fool of themselves, not anyone. These evil individuals may have stolen my money, stuff, cheated on me, became physically violent, lied and what not. But I’d never stoop to their levels and keep my faith alive in new people instead. Their real victory will be when I’d become depressed, hideous, doubtful and a total loser like them. Cheers to the “sparkle” in all of us that keeps on shining no matter how dark this world may seem around us. There are far better and awesome individuals than these hideous, coward and totally loser fools.


Today, I witnessed evil for the 2nd time in my life, you never realize how evil the world is until it unfolds in front of you! In my past I only knew such evil once I never thought that I could relive such evil twice in a lifetime! This isn’t about what has happened to me or how it’s happened it’s just about seeing true colors mistakes made and the good people that you actually have in your life that love you unconditionally!!

I pride myself on Being honest, abiding by law, following the law, and keeping my heart and soul clean! As long as I know that I have done that what others do to me will be dealt with by God.. And they have to look at themselves in the mirror when no one else is watching!! You can steal from me you can lie but you cant…

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10 thoughts on “Straight from my heart πŸ’–

    1. Like they say, only beautiful eyes can the beautiful in you. And you literately have them… I mean seriously, who’d not want to drown in those beautiful eyes of yours? 😍

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    1. My words about some women breaking my heart are mistaken as mysoginist and no matter how much I don’t care, I’d want you to not mistake any of my words like that. A woman gave me birth and I can assure you that I have found myself the biggest and fiercest fighter for women’s rights.

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    1. (Amir feels shy)… ha ha ha. I have an idea about one of your blog writings. One day when you are looking into your eyes, write something romantic to your own self. And pls. do send me a message on her to read it.

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