Without Dark


Without dark
No light

Will have

To defy or

Note: Evil is usually associated with darkness. And I have found majority to hate or even despise it to the core of their bones. I don’t think evil is really that bad like majority around us portray it. Look at the worst evil committed by the worst human being i.e. blowing the light off someone’s life (commonly known as death). There are two type of death;

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional or spiritual

All of us die physically only once but emotionally and/or spiritually, we may die in every single moment, thanks to some really messed up individual’s definition of the word “evil”. Imagine if there was no evil or an evil individual in this world, how’d it look like? We’d be all happy free birds signing and dancing on trees, waters and plains.

How interesting would be that? When was peace interesting for humans? Its boring as hell if you may ask. Just look at the movies. Its the powerful performance by a villain that makes the movie interesting, not just some hero or actresses.

Having tamed human evil in many forms and shapes, I sometimes feel that I stopped some sort of “entertainment” in many people’s lives. Hence I allow some evil out there to continue making this experience of life worth an exciting view.

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