Dream Series: Three People In Love


This must be an intense dream cause it woke me up 2 hours earlier than my usual 8-hours sleep.

In this dream, I went to Hollywood to invest some of my money on a good movie. I found a team of producers and directors suitable enough to start the project. Her name was Gloria and she was an accomplished director. And his name was Nick, an awesome producer who had been working with Gloria for so many years. They were in love but not married yet.

I found Gloria very attractive. So attractive that I usually sent someone else in my place for their meetings. But one fine evening, my presence was required and it was about the screening of the completed movie. The movie was about love between two strangers.

In the middle of the movie, I saw some (female) bangles broken on the floor in front of me. It was like a sign for me. There were three parts of each bangle. One belonged to me and the other two belonged to Gloria and Nick. Mine was still left unharmed in my hands but their parts of the bangles were completely broken.

I took my own broken pieces of bangles and brought Gloria outside. While kissing on her lips, I proclaimed my love for her. She sort of knew it beforehand and her eyes gave me a nod. And this is what I said to her;

“I know you belong to Nick and I am only scolding myself for falling in your love. I know you’d be mine in the blink of an eye but I’d never want Nick to be hurt. If you love me truly, you’d always keep him happy. I am nobody’s 2nd or last love. I know there is someone out there like you and Nick who will choose me as her first love. And I will find her. So, let me go.”

I took the stairs down like flying as tears gushed out of my eyes. It was raining with thunders on the background while I got in the car and left.

2 thoughts on “Dream Series: Three People In Love

    1. Yeah… it was so intense when I woke up, I was sweating with emotions still running through my veins. Thanks for dropping by Kristen… 🙂 stay healthy and blessed.

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