Drug And Alcohol Abuse – Mental Health


I was going through a late singer Amy Winehouse’s life and my own life’s experience with 20-something women who had mental health issues while being on drugs and excessive use of alcohol. Since then, I have explored lives of many other talented artists who suffer from the same self-destructive behavior.

Money and relationship issues apart, I have always tried to find other reasons of their self-abuse and each time with each of their excuse my belief in these artists being special amongst us all commoners is strengthened. Their brains and souls don’t operate like yours or mine.

For example, I don’t need nothing beyond the drug of “life” itself to be always high on. Unfortunately these talented individuals always need drugs and alcohol (sometimes coupled with violence) to bring the best out of them. I feel like they are already bleeding their souls in such a young age as some form of an entertainment in front of all of us. And while making noise, clapping and dancing we forget the misery deep inside them which is bringing this euphoria type of feeling in you and I.

In the end, the reason Amy Winehouse came to my mind was this video song “Back to Black”;



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