My Conversation With A Beautiful Mind


I find comfort in believing my loved one is at peace now ❤ That’s what keeps me going.

You and I were in the ultimate peace before being born into this strange world (its messed up and at the same time beautiful too). And we’d go back to the same peace like your loved one one fine day. In the meantime, I wonder a lot about all of these people who are not at peace with themselves.

I think we are all here to learn, and once we do, we go back to the place of ultimate peace before we are ready to embark on a new adventure to learn a new lesson.

There is nothing universal to learn here on planet Earth. What you will learn from me, from another one, you’d easily unlearn.

I am not saying we’re all here to learn the same thing 😉 But whatever life brings you, take what makes you wiser, stronger, better from it. There’s a lesson to be found in almost everything. That’s my philosophy.

Actually we look at the same thing differently. Life brought me the same lessons in heartache that might have been brought to another individual. However, I chose not to learn from it and become a cranky and/or crabby individual not to trust anyone again. Not telling you any of my philosophies but totally enjoying these precious moments of us talking to each other in comments. Stay blessed, healthy and beautiful (like hell) as you are 🙂 💖😍

I love it when my opinion differs from someone else’s and mutual respect keeps us from turning it into an argument or fight 🙂
Thank you again, Amir. I feel the same. Let’s keep connecting 😁 Stay safe and healthy, too.

Oh come on! if we will argue or fight in every single moment, what time will be left to spread love? Right? 🙂 I prefer learning from different or opposite perspectives of mine. Totally honored to stay in touch with you 💖💖💖

Hear hear, I am with you on that. Wish everyone thought the same, but I’ve had enough different experiences to know sometimes a little disagreement is enough to tick someone off.

Give people enough breathing space to be able to tick off. Actually, if someone chooses me to have their wrath, I take my time since everyone else has put them in their place each time they tried to do that. Its like that poor soul is trying to say something but can’t due to their culture, neighbors, family they were raised or treated differently than me or you. Hence give them all the margin of being themselves and choose for yourself if that is what you want for the rest of your life. I usually leave a tiny door of apology and forgiveness open since I’d want to be forgiven too whenever I’m pissed off due to this or that reason. We are all humans and we should stop thinking of ourselves as better than anybody else out there. Unless, of course if someone is going through some mental health or spiritual health issues. Just like bodies, our brains and souls get sick too. Who will heal them if all of us continue to walk away from each other?

(The actual conversation has been edited to omit real names and circumstances).

Note: I know my stalker is reading this conversation and thinking to herself that this is how Amir traps women. Just feeding her with what she wants to believe I guess.

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