Are You Really Awake to Life? (Or Sleepwalking through?)

“Are You Really Awake to Life? Or Sleepwalking through?” A very interesting question. I believe this so-called “real” life on Earth feels like a dream and in my actual dreams I have felt more “real”. As a proof, I believe after our death, we’d go back to the dream-like reality that we came from. Not just philosophically, but in reality, nothing we do in this temporary life seems lasting beyond the survival of this planet or solar system i.e. billions of years from now or ago. Hence, best of luck living your dream (a.k.a life).

Rocking Your Life

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

You’ve heard about people who can sleep with their eyes open? Amazing, right? What about people who sleepwalk and do activities such as brush their teeth or make a sandwich while they’re still asleep? There’s another kind of sleep walking that’s more common, and more dangerous: Going through life unconsciously. Is this you?

I’m talking about that autopilot, dismissal of the present or apathetic “I just wanna get through the day/week/month” type of sleepwalking. At times, I haven’t even been aware of doing it. Now that I am, it’s a whole new world. (Thank you, Prem.)

The Urgency of Living Consciously

Average age of death in U.S.: 78.54 years. If you are lucky and live to be 80, you will have lived 29,200 days. How many days have you used up so far? It’s time to wake up to the…

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