Blooming blinking marvellous a few years on …

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest man on this planet Earth alive whenever I stumble upon one of the “rarest” and most beautiful minds like Kristen’s. She amongst very few others is the reason I continue to read and write since my childhood. What she spoke here must have come from deep down of herself and how lucky is she to have the gift of writing and the courage to bloom in front of us all as the most beautiful flower 🙂 💖

The K

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.”

I read this and it filled me with inspiration ….I got all excited and felt a swell of “yes lets do this” !! but quite what “do this is ” …

Well I am still pondering on that !!!

and then i read this  ….

When a seed flowers, everyone recognises its beauty.

It got me thinking about when on my life journey I bloomed hypothetically speaking !!!

When do you reckon you bloomed …or are you hidden underground wondering when its safe to pop your head up never really knowing if the timing would be right the conditions would be right the situation would be right ??
….Far too many questions stop us dead in our tracks and fear of the unknown takes hold …. 

I will share with you my thoughts because thats…

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