Can she make you smile?

I have seen comedy in the most boring things (and people) out there. Hence I find it quite a rarity for something or somebody to “not” make me smile. It may be due to my “smiling” personality or just because I look at everything and everyone as quite an interesting and a unique experience. Thinking of one individual alone in this big huge world full of amazing and awesome people is quite hard for me. And that’s true even from dating point of view as well.

The Middle Human

You’re thinking about her again, I can see it in your eyes. Theres a twinkle glazed upon them and a scatter to your thighs.

You can’t stay still, you’re out of your mind. You’re full of great gestures, all loving and kind!

You fantazise about mundane things, but doing them with her makes your heart sing.

I see the image creeping upon your face, pretty as a picture, draped in lace?

She lingers there in your mind for a while. But, forget all that, can she make you smile?

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