The Courage

If my
Making love

To her
Could give her

The courage
To hate me

I wish I had
That much time

And energy
To hate her

So much
That she will

End up
Making love

To me

Note: These hideous losers in real life use dating sites to reach successful and genuine seekers of love. Most of these are white trailer trash who bring nothing to a relationship except an abused vagina and quickly sagging boobs.

In her head, I was not making love but fucking her And she did ask me to charge a penny for every time she was fucked in response to my asking for my money and laptop she stole. By doing so she essentially admitted being a prostitute when I was not looking for a prostitute on a dating site.

Equating such a cheating, stealing and a lying bitch with a prostitute or a whore is actually a disrespect to sex workers. They are honest to ask for money in advance unlike this hideous loser who used crocodile tears right when I was about to enter her body by saying;

“First promise me you’d never leave me.”

And to your surprise one fine day she does not only cheat on you but steals money and stuff to run away.

I wish I had read something similar like above somewhere before signing up on dating sites. I was so naive especially about such hideous sluts.


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