Cops Kill Black Man In Daylight – Cities Set On Fire – National Guards Come In – REPEAT


Late George Floyd died on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis (Mississipi) LIVE on camera by a neck-choke induced via a cop’s leg on his neck while on-lookers merely filmed him. This kind of brutality is hard to find even in third world countries where the crowds will literally beat the shit out of any such rogue policemen without fearing any bullets.

I have had very close interactions with black people and found them far more raw, real, genuine and truly inspiring than many other races in USA. From my personal experience of over a decade with blacks in USA, I can’t come up with a single incident or an individual who caused any harm to me. Not that I am “Almighty” powerful than anyone, but it is because I mix with these awesome beings so easily and naturally.

This social brutality started with the discovery of America back in 1492 when black slaves were sold and brought from Africa. How strange it is that I have not personally found any racist white American or maybe my soft nature has always overlooked some customs and traditions of USA as being a “culture”. And since this is happening non-stop despite many social revolutions in USA over the period of 500 years. This kind of thing still happening today means, unfortunately ZERO progress made.

I’d actually go as far calling it a NEGATIVE progress since all these blacks (10% of US population) have been slowly, gradually and surely placed in an invisible prison where jobs, relationships and many other social interactions with other races have become sort of “racist” by nature. Hence this acceptance and conformity (especially by the blacks themselves) has brought about their own sad times.

Before anyone dares to do me any harm, I’d have to give him or her a room, a window of opportunity or some sort of opening. IMHO, blacks have been doing that for quite a long time and what I find strange is that none of the militant black movements of 60’s could instill any sort of fear in other races mindset. Instead a black individual has today become a walking potential criminal in the eyes of every other race.

Militarily USA might have become the mightiest nation on the face of planet Earth but internally, incidents like (late) George Floyd are weakening this nation at its core. This weakening has been happening since more than 5 centuries and probably seeing no adverse results on broader global image of USA where Hollywood and media portrays a totally different picture than the reality for the global audience.

Lacking any single across-the-board leader to represent blacks, I found this brief talk by my favorite Hollywood black actor Denzel Washington;

If Denzel Washington has accepted the status quo with a hope to progress slowly over next centuries, then I am also going to get used to the cops violence against blacks.

Someone very dear of mine introduced me to an English word “complacent” which is next to impossible for anyone or anything to turn me into. One day I want to be also present in the on-looking crowd and see if any cop can dare to butcher a defenseless human being (no matter what crime he/she has committed) in front of me without leaving the crime scene harmless.

Law is about civilization, not for animals to enforce.

(Oops sorry, I think I disrespected animals by equating them with such a coward and a murderous cop in the human skin.)

And how can I end this post without showing the pictures of an awesome human being Georgr Floyd was;



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