Rodney King and George Floyd: Victims of Police Brutality

Keyh Padillah wrote a far more insightful and touching blog post about late George Floyd than the one I wrote on the same subject at;

Awkwardly Vain

“Who doesn’t know history it is doomed to repeat it”

George Santayana

28 years ago Los Angeles streets was -literally- on fire when 4 police officers were exonerated of the abusive beating of Rodney King, an African-American man. Back in March of 1991, King was on parole for robbery who led a high speeding pursuit with the LA police. As the persecution stopped the officers ask King to bring himself out of the car when they proceed to hit him steadily with batons for about 15 minutes. The scenery was completely disgusting, a dozen of policemen did nothing other than obnoxious comments about the beating. This premeditated incident cost King several injuries including, skull fractures, broken bones, teeth, and brain damage.

Eventually – a year later- 4 officers were arrested with the cause of excessive…

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