Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t


Noooooo Sue!!!! Don’t be quiet. Speak up… and you already did that so wonderfully. I maybe new to your blog but feel so lucky having found such a wonderful mind to learn from. Please don’t let other people’s voices stifle yours. All of us are like birds and we sing in our own specific and beautiful tone and/or songs. Again, let me reiterate, never stop singing… You have such a wonderful way with words already 💖🌹

The Hermits' Rest

Subititle: ME ME ME ME ME but not ME

Yeesh. Thing number one is that I am acutely aware that the deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcement is not all about me and my problems with it. So skip that lecture; I already read it here. I want to say I’m not interested in hearing how my reactions to world events are wrong, or that I don’t have a right to react because of my race, socio-economic background, or perceived intellectual status. I get to react how I react. I get to test my bravery, even if I screw up. I get to be upset.

Do I fall into the spiral, or sit on the edge and watch? Image by  @tampatra via Twenty20.

But I do want to butt out of other people’s issues. I’m all for letting the people most directly affected direct…

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