I Can Only Ask You to Love

Check out these deep yet perplexing questions Andrea asks everyone;

“I want to change the situation but I can’t ask you to do something I’m not willing to do myself, and the only thing I’m willing to do is love. But what does it look like to love a stranger? What does it look like to love someone who has hurt you? What does it look like to love the people on your neighborhood? What does it look like to love people who disagrees with you? What does it look like to love someone regardless of whether or not you believe they deserve it? It’s so much easier to say than do; I too have failed to love when I should have.”

My take on some of her questions;

  1. You can’t love someone who does not love him or herself. Hence don’t waste such a precious energy on a total loser.
  2. Since hatred is NOT opposite to love (indifference is), hence I believe the ones who hate things actually love other things more passionately and deeply. Those professing “universal love” are actually hypocrites and you’d find them mostly with a double-speak on different subjects. I hate such people and its perfectly alright to hate too in addition to loving.
  3. Love someone who hurts you? Oh my! That is so messed up. In other words, you allow someone to hurt you since you can’t love yourself enough to not only defend but also hurt the wrong-doer back at least equally, if not more.
  4. I don’t love my neighbors, I enjoy life with them together. We don’t have to fall in love with everyone. We can all simply live and let live.
  5. The ones who disagree with me, are the people I learn most from. Until of course if they are disagreeing for the sake of it, then I give them the taste of their own medicine until they stop disagreeing and leave with their tails between their legs.
  6. Loving someone is a precious energy not to be wasted nilly willy on every tom, dick and harry. Know the people first, come closer to them (not just physically but intellectually too) and then see if you can bring yourself to love them. There’s no instant love I find in everything or everyone until, of course I am in some sort of romantic mood with a very beautiful woman… LOL 🙂

To the above, the author of this post replied with this;

Hello Amir, i’m glad you have decided to answer this questions, but I am afraid you have missed the point. So here is my respond to you:

1. Love is not something you waste, its not something that runs out. The more you give, the more you have.

2. You can 100% love people that don’t love themselves, in fact they are the ones that need our love the most.

3. I’m not talking about loving things but people, and I do believe you can love all people.

4. Hate is the opposite of love, more specifically hate is the lack of love. You can hate things, there are things that should be hated, but people should not.

5. What good does it do you to take revange? Why would you want to be like the person that hurt you? There is a saying that goes “revenge is a poison we drink hoping it hurts someone else”

6. I’m not talking about falling in love, there are different types of love, friendship is one of them.

7. Humiliating people is a mean thing to do and by what you just said I can only assume you are a bully.

8. You are right by saying love is a precious energy, but good energies grow in strength when shared. Love doesn’t run out, it multiplies.

Also, having sex with random women (whether you find her attractive or not) isn’t love, it’s just you being horny.

I hope to see replies from your other readers, mostly I hope they are more willing to love than you are.

Here’s my response to her;

You’re welcome Andrea 🙂 Let’s continue the conversation with the points you raised…

  1. Love “is” something you waste on totally underserving individuals and the more you waste, the more silent, sad and depressed you become since you were wasting on wrong types.
  2. If you are going to love these self-hating individuals, you’re only going to “enable” these individuals to not only continue harming themselves but also messing up with your own definition of love.
  3. You can love things and people at the same time. There are actually trees, flowers, sunsets that are far more beautiful and totally harmless as compared to many losers out there.
  4. There are horrible people who should be hated i.e. murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. You can’t come off loving them and silently watching them go through punishment. That’d be hypocrisy imho.
  5. Universe operates on a principle “every action has a reaction”. Only zombies don’t react. There’s a difference between reaction and revenge and you probably mistook revenge from my words. I am all for reactions but not for revenge.
  6. Yep. I totally agree with you about many kinds of love i.e. friendship, etc. Phew! 🙂 Found at least one thing to agree with you.. LOL
  7. Only a true bitch can spot a bully like me and I totally believe in humiliating any proud bitch out there as well if she can’t differentiate between courageous and the bullies.
  8. Love does run out and with this comment only your inexperience speaks and I can tell you are in for a painful awakening later at the hands of someone messed up.

What is wrong in being horny? It is sexually healthy until of course someone has been too much on anti-depressants and lost their sexual appetite. You speak as if horny men are some sort of a bad thing. If so, then I’m afraid many sexually healthy women will disagree with you.

You speak mostly about fake love since true love does not need nobody’s certificate. Actually I have found these self-labeled “lovers” as having the most potential to hate and be indifferent than many out there.

Coffee with Andrea

Last Wednesday, Brandon and I went on a walk and I started talking to a little bunny hopping by, Brandon giggled and asked why I am always so kind. Naturally I asked what was wrong with being kind, and he explained that while there is nothing wrong with being kind, what of someone uses my sweetness as a tool to harm me? While it is true (especially due to the current situation) that someone could decide to hurt me, whether physically or emotionally, because they don’t like the idea of me being an immigrant. While Brandon’s concerns are well founded, the possibility of someone being mean to me does not give me the right to be mean first, AND THAT APPLIES TO EVERYONE!
I want to change the situation but I can’t ask you to do something I’m not willing to do myself, and the only thing I’m willing to…

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