Stupid Cops Of America


When I am in the uniform of a cop, I’m not only representing the corrupt govt but also offering my life as a sacrificial goat who has no idea who he/she is representing. Being such a blind fool in revolutionary times like these are only going to create more tragedies. Instead of protecting the government, I want to see these “uniformed” and armed fools to protect people who pay their actual salaries.

All these unarmed humans count on these fools (cops) to carry guns on their behalf, not to shoot or kill humans on streets just like that. A HUGE change in mindset is needed in the heads of these armed fools. Their pistols, tasers, training and those black glasses on white faces don’t turn them into automatically murderers of the innocent people.

United States is famous for being a first-world country with a third-world police force. That needs to STOP and these cops need to be educated, trained and humbled as public servants, not public executioners or murderers for hire by racist self-proclaimed leaders like Trump.


Officers on Speaking Up and they’re Speaking Out about the Murder of George Floyd


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