My Own Words I’d Love To Hear Over And Over Again


Somewhere in the comments section of a blog where someone was afraid of people getting pissed off easily, I said this;

Give people enough breathing space to be able to tick off. Actually, if someone chooses me to have their wrath, I take my time since everyone else has put them in their place each time they tried to do that. Its like that poor soul is trying to say something but can’t due to their culture, neighbors, family they were raised or treated differently than me or you. Hence give them all the margin of being themselves and choose for yourself if that is what you want for the rest of your life.

I usually leave a tiny door of apology and forgiveness open since I’d want to forgiven too whenever I’m pissed off due to this or that reason. We are all humans and we should stop thinking of ourselves as better than anybody else out there. Unless, of course if someone is going through some mental health or spiritual health issues. Just like bodies, our brains and souls get sick too. Who will heal them if all of us continue to walk away from each other?

I want to talk to you and you do bring that (talking in detail) in me out in the open. Its rare to find such individuals out there like yourself who can listen, ponder and actually have beautiful minds 🙂



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