Patch Adams – 1998 Movie Review

Even though I liked the general theme of the movie but what brought tears to my eyes was the scene where Carin Fisher confides with him how much she has never liked men through all of her life. And by that, she meant sort of being sexually molested by probably her own father, uncles, elders, etc. I was totally disgusted and shattered by that thought of less-than-men doing that to kids, especially females.

The way Monica Potter performed that act was so real that I for a moment forgot I am actually watching a movie. She just became one of my favorite actresses and I’d love to watch more of her movies.

How strange it is that within 24 hours, I watched two movies (The Lost Battalion and Patch Adams) whose stars (Robin Williams and Charles Whittlesey) actually committed suicides in real lives. One of them earned the first congressional medal of honor and the other earned various academy awards. But at the end of the day, both of them ended their lives with their own hands. Probably this messed-up world did not deserve these gems and living another moment in this hateful world was too much for them.

The real name of the main character in this movie is Dr.Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams and his dream of a free hospital “Gesundheit! Institute” resembles my own mission of free food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare for all. I mean if all forms of life on planet Earth can enjoy all that without money, why are humans an exception?




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