A Deserted Planet – Earth


Long before this pandemic turned this planet Earth into a deserted one (at least from human specie point of view), I used to feel the same way during my childhood about the world while watching stars. Not that I had any sort of depression since I had everything that a child could desire. However, I still felt alone on this deserted planet.

My loved ones will make me a priority whenever I needed but then why would they wait for my needs to announce? Why was not I a priority already for them, for everyone, for my friends, neighbors and even strangers. I know this sounds childish because I was a child back then dummy! πŸ™‚

Today, the same feeling has returned to me where I feel this planet is lonely and where no life form exists. Only stones, cold-hearted stuff that makes up this and many other planets or stars. Before this pandemic, I had already started to believe in individualism which has been thankfully strengthened by this corona virus amongst humans.

Its like your immune system is not as strong as mine is, hence no matter how many times you plead;

“Promise me you’d never leave me”.

Your weak immune system will itself take you away from me, not any woman or some greedy businessman out there.

The question is, if I was supposed to be born on this deserted planet, what else was there interesting beyond plants, animals, oceans, etc? I think whatever is naturally possible, nature tried to give us but it seems to have failed at least in my case. Otherwise I won’t be seeing this planet as deserted today.

Ok, ok, you guessed it right πŸ™‚ I am just missing someone at least faking love to me. Happy now?



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