Dream Series: Sexual Tension Between Two Strangers


In this dream, I am visiting a remote small town. While passing by a street, I saw a food stall, the kind you see in the streets of Manhattan, NY.

A strange thing about that food stall was that there was no street hawker and it was in front of a home. Everyone took whatever they wanted from that food stall and never paid anything since there was nobody. I felt ashamed at doing that but ultimately joined the rest.

One day I saw a lady who was standing by that food stall. She must be the owner of that food stall. I went there and sat on the bench and ordered a sandwich. She had never prepared one, hence she asked me how to do it. Smilingly I told her the recipe and while I was telling her, I could easily see a sexual tension starting to take place between us.

When she came back with the sandwich, I tried to touch her hands. She immediately took them back. She was obviously not from western hemisphere. Respecting her traditions, I started eating. I noticed a strange kind of smile and desire in her eyes.

I thought to myself that if she was an average lady, she’d be already under my skin and both of us would have gotten rid of this sexual tension between us to continue focusing on something else to talk about. With this particular lady, I’d have to spend months, if not years with regular visits to her food stall trying to erase that strangeness. Only then she’d give in to both of our sexual desires.

And that’s a lot of work for getting laid by just one woman.

While eating that sandwich I decided to leave that small town and never come back since I got a few moments of life left and I can’t waste them following an unfulfilled sexual desire. Instead of her, I’d prefer a woman who gets rid of this sexual tension by making love to me and only then we exchange our names or views.

I know this sounds funny, but trust me that was the only satisfying thought that made me wake up from my dream back to this awesome reality where I get laid by many, not that one particular lady.

However, I must admit that her smiling eyes and those lips sometimes bother my thoughts and I want me to go back to the same dream. That curious silence between two complete strangers who desire each other, I think I miss that.


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