Prostitution – Sex As A Profession


Prostitution is world’s second oldest profession after agriculture and today it has been regulated by various countries via safe measures for women and men’s health. However no amount of it becoming a thriving industry can take away those dark feelings that happen to any loyal and a loving woman. Surprisingly there are sex workers who claim to do it only for the sake of their families i.e. their husbands or boyfriends who are facing financial difficulties. I think it is an age-old problem that no one has ever come up with a solution over thousands of years except banning it altogether.

Unfortunately you can’t separate the violence from sex of any sort especially with strangers involved. In this kind of work you need to give the couple privacy even for 30 minutes behind a closed door guarded by all sorts of heavily armed security. Those alone moments with each other from such a close proximity and those emotions (coupled with orgasms) rising from deep within one’s body due to those unfulfilled natural sex needs. If not taken care of professionally by a prostitute, one turns out to be a cranky, crabby and a violent individual.

Hence in a way to cleanse the society off its imperfections, it seems sex industry plays a vital role, but very dangerously.

How to get rid of that potential of danger?

Since sex is a potent need of a healthy human body, hence only another potent trait can neutralize it. And here comes the fantasy of love stories since thousands of years. Even today on dating sites, you’d find millions trying to find their sex partners, if not soul mates which is quite a strange twist of words to come off not wanting sex.

Marriage has clearly failed since majority of the kids born today are conceived out of wedlock. Alternate lifestyles i.e polyamory, polyandry, polygamy have failed too just like the institution of marriage.

The only solution which seems to work for now is the slutty culture where men and women have secret sex partners keeping their life partners blind for years, if not for decades. This solution gives rise to a bigger problem i.e. kids without fathers, women without men even though they have temporary fillers in different shapes. All of this messes up their brains about relationships, life and society.

And finally that brings us to the heavy use of antidepressants, psychological therapies and mental rehabs. Strangely women outnumber men in using all those psychological solutions that medical science has to offer. Not because men don’t have same psychological issues but due to enhanced emotional and natural body / brain of a woman’s potential to give birth to kids. It is the women at the end of the day who have to reap the fruits (good or bad) of all this social confusion.

Prostitutes or secret sex partners may seem to be a temporary solution but a permanent solution still needs to be figured by society.


Cover Image: Pretty Woman (1990 movie)





“Pretty Woman” song by Roy Orbison


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