Bulk Unfollow Instagram Users Who Are Not Following You Back


Ten or so years back, I might have signed up for Instagram but I never used it. To my surprise, today I found 35 followers and 500+ users I am following. Someone must have either hacked into my account or I was too horny or drunk someday to add all of those trashy Instagram users.

When I tried to unfollow all of them, there was no such facility in the android or PC app for instagram. When I tried to install 3rd-party apps, they told me that unfollowing more than 100 accounts during a 15-minute time slot can lead to Instagram banning my account for suspicious activity. However, I installed “Combin Growth” app on my PC to schedule those trashy instagram users to be removed.



And on my Android phone, I installed “unfollow users” by unfollow soft team which gives me an option to unfollow 10 users at a time.



And this Android app does warn me when I try to exceed the limit of unfollowing 100 users within 15 minutes.

For now, crossing my fingers and wondering which other loser could be out there trying to mess with my social media accounts since I am not that “social”. If it was that important, I’d definitely reach the very ISP and the IP address that time-waster is using but it is his/her good luck that I am busy in far more important stuff than that.

I think the best medicine for such spammers is to list their ID names on instagram as whichever hacker (or social media campaign advertiser) they hired to abuse our private instagram accounts, they can be exposed for the rest of the world to see.

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