This picture and the words took my breath away. People misunderstand commitment as some sort of being caged together. Not many are that real, genuine and true to themselves to “dare to commit”. Upon having the first real-life test of any such commitment, you’d see them running for the door.

From the day we are born, we are sort of imprisoned within this structure of bones and flesh called body. Coming out of ourselves and forming a connection or a relationship with another (especially from romantic point of view) is becoming almost next to impossible in this world full of fake people.

Maximum you’d see anybody committed is to their own selfish needs. They may look like socially active (i.e. politicians or sluts) but in all truth, they are all in it only for sex and money.

I have this huge respect for couples who have stayed together no matter how different they were from each other. That kind of “Dare to commit” is rare now-a-days in this world of individualism. We are all becoming kings and queens caged inside our own bones about whom everyone else gives a damn.

In social settings (or social media), we give out wrong impressions of who we truly are. Around such hideous majority, many feel like their souls are being stifled.

This may sound like a dark look at the world since majority of us look for positivity no matter how fake it is. Seeing nobody committed to anybody outside of themselves is enough of a proof for me.

Those who still “dare to commit” will earn my deepest respect, but where are they?



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