An Important Milestone Reached


In relationships with stranger women, I used to dream about this moment that has finally arrived in my life.

One random woman said to me;

Since I heard from you last time, I have been through so many men. All of them were good during first two to three months until they showed their ugly selves.

You are the only man with whom I have only good memories and I don’t have to think twice to speak to you or to see you again. You were always real and never showed me unrealistic dreams like all those men did.

I was not only honored but felt good after having traveled for 11 years in this man-woman thingy with hundreds of women in 3 continents across globe.

I used to be the same “ass-hole” she was complaining about. However, with a keen observation in women’s wants, desires and their interests changed a lot in me. Today I can convey my message (irrespective of its intensity or difficulty) without coming off as an ass-hole, no matter how much bitchy she herself has been with me.

My next milestone is a secret to these fingers typing on this keyboard. Let’s see what else life has in store for me in this weird, wonderful and at times beautiful adventures of “man-woman” thingy.


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