Dream Series: Last Kiss On Her Belly Button


In this dream, there was a thunderous night with pouring rain and lightening. I got up in the middle of the night to fix somebody’s printer and followed instructions to drive like a robot despite me not wanting to get up from my sleep. When I got back home, she had still not come back. Our bed was empty as usual since she always went to the bar until wee hours of the morning.

I fell asleep again, only to be woken up by a tiny movement in the bed. First I thought it is my heart-beat that is making the bed move. But when I looked on the other side, my love had silently slipped in the bed and was fast asleep. I so much wanted to grab her and bring her on my top, her favorite sexual position. But instead, I saw her belly button with piercing blue diamond showing from under the shirt. I just could not resist kissing that beautiful belly button lightly to not wake her up.

It was our last night together. She had found one more man in that pub and she was happy as hell having two men i.e. me and him. She wanted to live in a polyandrous relationship just like those Tibetan Buddhist women in Himalaya mountains where one man goes up in the mountains for six months while the other stays home with her during the winter. In summer, its the turn of the other man to arrive and for him to leave.

She knew I had a decision to make and probably she was expecting me to stay. She got up from my kiss on her belly button and with the same beautiful smile on her beautiful-beyond-words face, she started talking about her visit to her dad. She was avoiding any mention of her new man and I did not insist since I did not feel like talking that night.

I got up, started to pack my stuff. During my globe-trotting years, I had always carried only two extra pairs of trousers / shirts, 5 undershirts / underwear, 5 pairs of socks and a couple of ties. I did not bother to pack anything else for the winter since it was summer and I knew she’d easily dispose off the rest of my stuff. That was a tiny bag to carry which made my body  feel light despite my heart feeling heavy.

She saw me packing and still kept talking about her dad without realizing that in the middle of that thunderous night, I was leaving. I did not even say goodbye or goodnight to her before setting my foot outside of the door. I left the car keys behind with her and started walking under the pouring rain. It was as if the whole sky was crying and I had just joined in.

I kept walking soaking under that pouring water from the skies in that stormy night with lightening for me to be able to see the path while thunders played as background music for miles. Those showers kept trying to cool my soul on fire until I woke up from that dream exactly at 8:00 AM which is my routine now-a-days.

Note: I have not had that last night with her due to circumstances out of my control. This dream was a gift from heaven and brought me a huge amount of “closure” to my soul. That one last kiss on her beautiful belly button was all I needed from her, nothing else.

4 thoughts on “Dream Series: Last Kiss On Her Belly Button

  1. Not everyone can narrate a story as powerful and evocative as you did. You brought your readers into the middle of reality and fantasy.Loved it!Keep writing stories like this😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was an actual dream today, not a story. I am more into non-fiction and only in my childhood I read fiction. Its time to live the life as it comes. Thanks for your time reading 🙂 Love you!


      1. And this dream had a real-life story behind it too. I tried to explain that in the note at the bottom as well. Thanks for liking it 🙂


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