Like Childhood Whispers

It is rare that anybody can hold my attention for 3 or maximum 5 seconds. Ruby belongs to those very few whose souls can address themselves in such an interesting way. No matter how long is her post, I find every passage, every single word of hers interesting to read. She shows me a perspective which is way different than mine but something that does more than “educating” mine. Age, gender or any other differences apart, I like seeing her through every word she utters. In this fake world, it is almost next to impossible to find someone whose soul can speak through her pen. And I am sure that not many can see or appreciate her like I can. Totally humbled at seeing that.

Some of her pictures are really worth a thousand words;


Sweet Ruby Bluez

Is it just me or do we all need to gravitate towards who we once were. And not just anybody. The person that we were before the World taught us not to smile, how not to be happy. We were told from such a young age that you better grow up to be somebody and not just anybody somebody big. The livelihood of so many was spent trying to provide for the family they were yet to meet. Sacrificing their youth, their being, their sense of all real joy and happiness and made to believe that this is what success looks like. Success is trips and large houses and oodles of friends. Maybe we have become the biggest cult of all. Determined to never be happy.

Tell me what you remember from being a child. We all say we wish we could be young again with no responsibility, no bills…

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