Woman Or A Shop Of Flesh And Meat


First read this quote;

In English:

We respect only a woman who belongs to our own home. Others are not any woman to us but a meat shop. And we are like those stray dogs with lustful eyes standing outside of that meat shop. (A quote by Saadat Hasan Manto 1912-1955)

In Urdu:


While reading this quote, I was reminded of one dark cold night of December 2007 when I was just strolling outside of my five star hotel room on the streets of Orlando, FL. My limo driver offered to give me a ride but I was in the mood of getting lost in the streets of a new city at 11pm. Night was cold but not as cold as in up North.

While walking for a few miles, I got tired and sat on a bus stop on Semoran Blvd. There was an interesting Latino guy who started started to talk. He offered me a drink and upon knowing that I was new in town, he asked me to join him in a strip club right next to that bus stop. I had seen enough clubs worldwide but not totally nude ones.

We got inside that topless club and took a seat higher than the dancing platform. He ordered drinks but I refused since I don’t drink alcohol. He still insisted upon either a juice or soda which I accepted.

Within a few minutes, two very attractive nude young women came to us and offered us a dance. My friend said why not and since I was paying, hence those beauties started dancing. They were touching our crotches with their vaginas and boobs while making all those erotic dance moves.

It was my first experience of seeing someone nude dancing, hence I was a bit confused. I kept looking at her beautiful blue eyes while my friend was looking at the other dancer’s body parts like a dog and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth as if water was dripping off it.

My dancer stopped in the middle of the song and sat beside me to light a cigarette. She asked me

“Are you not enjoying my dance and body since you are only looking in my eyes”.

I said I was wondering that in this cold night, I am wearing all sorts of warm clothes but you are totally nude. Aren’t you cold? She laughed at hearing that and said;

“In my 7 years of dancing, you are the first man who noticed that. Of course, I feel cold but I have a 4 year old daughter that I have to take care of.”

We exchanged numbers and after an hour or so, I walked with my drunk friend to his home which was strangely right behind that topless club. His angry wife opened the door and gave me a look as if I was responsible for all of her husband’s lacking.

And I blamed my money, as usual 🙂



Cover Image: 9 1/2 weeks movie dance on song “Leave your hat on” by Joe Cocker.

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