What Is A Relationship?


Nobody’s definition of relationship matches with mine. Getting laid for a day or for years does not mean a relationship to me. Nor does laughing or crying together with someone. Sharing life, stuff with another does not either. Nor is it a combination of all.

Most of the women I have dated or let’s say my dick has had the tourism of vaginas, they have cheated on me. And when I confront them, they said we did not have a relationship, hence its not cheating. I think I agree with them mostly. However, there is something that confuses the heck out of me.

If both of us were not having a relationship, then why did those women have tears or why did I feel something heavy in my chest on the day we parted? Is this feeling closer to something like when I lose one of the pair of my favorite socks?

One of those women was honest to admit that had I cheated on her, she’d feel devastated. Why did not I ever feel devastated? Actually I felt most of the time “good riddance bitch” kind of feeling. That is not a relationship or is it? How can it be when I actually feel good about her cheating on me and leaving. Or if she wants to stay friends afterwards, I leave behind this made-up anger when I actually feel happy.

Are all these cheating bitches trying to convey a message to me? Like what would be there of any use in any of their messages? Maximum I feel the loss of wrongly-placed feelings, precious time gones and promises of being together eternally with someone who was fake from the day one. The whole game these women played was to have a tiny moment of pain, emotions or tears?

They call women as having more emotions than a man. Probably having at least a fling gives her that “aha” moment she looks for in men around her. Again, not all women are alike hence I’m not generalizing all of them. I am talking here about my own sexual interactions with them which many confuse as relationships.

I am confused about relationship and probably will stay like that for quite a long time until I find her someday. Someone who has an awesome relationship with herself and who’d be in an eternal relationship with me too.

Till then, let this dick rock on those pussies… Yeehaa! 🙂


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