Dream Series: Nude And Begging For Clothes


In this dream, I am visiting Iran by train. The moment I boarded the train, a priest announces my marriage with a stranger lady whose name is Musarrat (meaning  “pleasure”). A guy sitting right next to me had a strange look on his face and he was checking out his baggage over and over. Upon noticing my suspicions about his moves, he quickly threw his baggage out of the train and admitted that it was a bomb to destroy the whole train. He was a terrorist who jumped out of the moving train.

In the middle of the train journey, I was introduced to another woman (man, there are women everywhere in my dreams now-a-days… Phew!). I forget her name, but had my journey been a little longer, she’d be my wife too. LOL 🙂

When we got off the train, Musarrat was trying to hide me. She took me to an acquaintance of her who stood by as a guard while we had a rendezvous of love-making in an abandoned apartment. The strange thing about that standing guard lady was that she was asleep while still standing.

Getting tired of hiding, I simply got out of that apartment and went to a nearby temple to worship alongwith other locals. It was still dark just before the sun rise when I came out on the streets. I saw men and and women formally clothed rushing to their workplaces opposite in my direction.

I kept walking until the sun came up and I noticed people looking at me strangely. I did not realize that I was totally nude and walking on the streets of a residential area. I had an urge to cover myself since my dick was also hard and it looked so weird a man walking with a hard on.

There was a shoe cobbler on the street and he had a lot of leather stuff around him. I asked him to make me some sort of leather shorts but seeing that I was nude and obviously had no money, he refused. I went to a home across the street thinking the people in that home will have some old clothes to cover me. But to my disappointment they did not even open the door upon me knocking.

Almost tearful, I went to the next home where I saw a guy with a long beard sitting through the window. I knocked his door and by the time he came out, his beard was gone. He had these brand new currency notes in the quantity of 50 or so. He said he could not give me his clothes since Police will find out through investigation that he helped someone. His hand did not part the money and I had hardly touched those crispy notes when quickly he took back his money. I was surprised at his “unfulfilled  generosity”.

While thinking about that, I realized the wind was not blowing against my nude body anymore. And when I looked at myself, there were two traditional Iranian clothes  (slightly used) covering my whole body from neck to toe. I looked at the guy who started to like a saint and smilingly he closed the door upon hearing me pronounce those clothes as a miracle from out of nowhere.


I know a woman who cheated on me and probably wants me back too. Looking at the egotistical ass-hole that I am, whenever it comes to cheating, I don’t think I will ever go back to her. She can conspire against me alongwith this whole universe all she wants to bring me such weird dreams where I am begging for clothes door-to-door. LOL

I have come to know a magic formula of separating love from actually living and/or growing together with someone. You know the kind those polyamorous apply onto their own conscience 🙂

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