Enter Programming Code In WordPress Posts or Pages via Classic Editor


Whenever you try to enter code directly in the WordPress post or a page, its HTML or CSS corrupts the actual display. To display the code properly in the WordPress post or page, follow this;

Login to your WordPress admin control panel;


Go to Dashboard –> Plugins  and click “Add New”


Next, type “SyntaxHighlighter” in the search button and you’d see a plugin called “SyntaxHighlighter Evolved” by Alex Mills. Simply press button “Install Now” to install and press “Activate” afterwards;


Next, click on “New Post” or “New Page” link to start entering text and code like below. In the classic editor, click “Text” tab and enter code like this;


Your code should be displayed like this after saving/publishing the post;

This is HTML code that makes the character <b>bold</b>.


The numbers on the left side denote the line numbers. You can deactivate those line numbers in the SyntaxHighlighter plugin settings.




SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

2 thoughts on “Enter Programming Code In WordPress Posts or Pages via Classic Editor

  1. I see you have good knowledge on coding and wordpress HTML. I have one issue with my blog if you visit it, you’ll find too much space between words in some lines and that’s only in mobile view. Can you plz help. It’s by default I didn’t do anything.

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    1. Your text is using “justified” alignment which is the best suitable option out there. Those tiny spaces are ignorable from design point of view. If you still wish to change anything, you can first look at; https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/t/text-align/#:~:text=center%20%E2%80%93%20Content%20centers%20between%20the,is%20along%20the%20right%20edge.
      and the theme author has a free discussion forum where you can post your question at; https://wp-royal.com/support-ashe-free/


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