Every day doesn’t have to sound a certain way.

Over the years, I have trained my brain to listen to more how I feel over whatever is being said on the other side by whoever. My own voice is louder in my head than the the noise coming from outside of me. And whenever the other needs to hear, I simply pain my lips and tongue a little to whatever is going on in my head long before they opened their mouths. At times, I want to laugh out loud at seeing the “SHOCKED” look on their faces. Sometimes, being a little ass-hole is better for your sanity 🙂 LOL



I feel tired of having to be this person that others think I am.

There’s something that seems to have been learned in me that says – don’t call anyone unless you are in a good mood. And if they call you, make sure you sound happy so you can make them happy.

Oh it can be exhausting at times. And honestly when I am just being in my energy by myself, I don’t really notice if it’s happy, sad or what. It just is. No time, no space, no judgement… just awareness and presence.

I love the time I have by myself. And I love the sound of my voice when I am just talking to myself. I love when I can recognize that it’s me.

The second another person comes into the picture it’s this game of navigation and awareness and energy reading. I am here for it…

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