The Girl Who Does Not Exist


A girl who claims to not exist on her blog ( inspired me to write something about existence on here.

Just like her, I never existed before and won’t exist after I am gone in a few years or decades. For now, this existence deceives me in many ways to think that I “do” exist when in universal clock my existence is hardly nano part of a single moment.

In our childhood, we have no clue about anything except playing. In our teen years, we start doubting everything since everyone is behaving strangely to us. In our middle age, we kind of have figured out everything but its not that interesting. And by the moment we reach old age, this existence physically starts to fall apart in waiting rooms of medical clinics.

In this tiny yet farce existence, all of us try to impact someone or the whole world. Some lose themselves in this world to a point as if they themselves never existed. I have personally seen such sacrificial people for their families, neighborhood or countries doing that. Selflessness has been promoted as a virtue by some to confuse the heck out of us. And doing anything healthy for your own self is labeled as selfish.

Your truths are others’ lies and vice versa. Your definition of things become alien words for those who wear glasses of different color, most prominently negative dark. And when all of this keeps on spinning in your brain, you end up like this girl who thinks she does not exist.


The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist


4 thoughts on “The Girl Who Does Not Exist

  1. Oh, love this so much! A lot of truth shared here. Especially love what you say on selfishness.

    But it’s actually a play with words, my title. I am an undocumented natural born American citizen. Some officials say I do not exist. I say I exist more because I am not under their thumb.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. USA is now-a-days becoming exactly what Trump calls other nations i.e. a “shit-hole”. There are 219 nations in this world and USA is only one of them. Why do you choose to stay undocumented and waste your precious moments of life there? There is a world beyond stars and I assure you that you have in you to reach it. Trying to change a centuries old cancer (a.k.a racism) in a nation like USA can be done from a safe distance but not staying in the personally unsafe situation like you’re in right now. You DO exist and been existing long before when you were born and were only a twinkle of stars in your parents’ eyes 🙂 Let the world know your awesome existance without any fear. Simply choose one of the far more beautiful and historical nations out there to migrate.


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