Idealism Keeps Growing Inside Me


I have seen people give up too soon or become complacent at best. In their 20’s and 30’s, I see a lot of their energy and optimism. But the moment their middle age sets in, mostly they start get “settled” for good with whatever, without much plans about future or even for their present.

The other day I was comparing my teenage self with this individual who I have become today in my 50’s. Back then, I used to have grand plans about life and this world. And today ,I have far more grandeur plans with a tiny difference i.e. they are more realistic and achievable.

One thing that has not changed and actually has kept growing i.e. Idealism.

For example, when I used to visit a doctor in my teenage years, I saw him/her profiting off people’s misery (diseases). I do still feel the same but with a tiny bit of difference. That doctor was never told or had no other alternate source of income to feed him/herself or their family. Hence, I usually blame their IQ (intelligence), not their intentions to live off people’s misery.

And the same applies unto almost every other sphere of life or the observable universe around me. I am growing into someone who is far more rebellious than Che Guevara and has plans beyond Mother Teresa could even think about. Being able to still talk things like that which can be easily mistaken by someone as “too” idealistic or unrealistic, is a sign that idealism still stays alive and has kept ever-growing since my youth.

This makes me so happy about myself and I feel so blessed at being far more positive and progressive than most of the people (and their pessimistic outlook of life or this world) I have interacted with by living a life across 3 continents on this planet Earth.

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