A letter to you

Before I even read anything, the name “Alyazya” was enough to attract my attention to these awesome-beyond words that feel like such a genuine and true expression of a lost love.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Louvre Abu Dhabi

I wish I had it in me to let you know
that all of this is just for show.
Don’t believe the things I say
’cause I walk between the cracks on the floor
to avoid lying while holding the truth.

Your arms imprison me. I never want to escape your embrace.
Your warmth is comforting. You hold me close, but my mind pulls me into another world.
My heart didn’t want to follow, but it drowned in my thoughts. Now, it’s completely soaked.

Will you get bored with me?
Are you thinking of letting go?

These thoughts haunt me. This is why I always lose.

I want to feel you as you hold me, but I’m afraid
so I touch you with numb hands
and kiss you with cold lips.

Would you forgive me for pretending to let you in?
Would you let me try to…

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