Navigating Humans And Their Systems


When I was made, I took a careful look at myself afterwards. I was born into humans, looking like a human but my brain did not agree. Especially after I observed every individual around me, from close family to strangers in distant lands.

I was and still am, an alien in this human world.

There is nothing these humans feel, I can connect with. I find every human different from the other and then I find them hypocritically raising slogans like “we are all equal”. I see alphas among them and the commoners simply living around them like slaves. And when I call them who they are i.e. slaves or slave-owners, they vehemently deny that and point to made-up fallacies in their own heads as reasons for not revolting, or trying to fix their own plight (faulty systems).

I see all of this from a safe distance without becoming just like them i.e. another human.

What I am wondering about me is why was not I made into an ant who’d have equal opportunity to serve the ant colony (community)? Or a bee that pollinates flowers, seeds and trees to better the natural environment of this planet Earth? And a million more questions alike keep my brain busy around such useless creatures.

And when I am free from such wondering and I wish to plan my exit from this planet, a messed up human comes in my life only to make me fight for my very survival from him or her. Thank goodness I am not behind bars or walking free with a guilty conscience as if nothing happened after tricking them away.

Tricking humans is actually very easy. Their own brains are 24/7 busy in telling them reasons, logics or excuses behind their terrible ways. Whenever any such crazy human crosses my path, I simply go along with the tricks their own brains are playing with them. And in the process, they feel good about themselves and sort of become my friend. When all I want is for them to go the fuck away from me and let me live at a safe distance from such crazy specie.

Oh… I almost forgot to tell you about those lonely, recluse, antisocial and hermit humans. They are even far more interestingly complicated than the majority of the humans I told you about. In this human body, all I like is sleeping and eating. Everything else these humans do i.e. fairy tales of love between their male and female sexual organs, I am totally clueless about.

Sleep my dear on these words. You’d wake up with something new and shining like the first rays of sun light 🙂

Note: Whenever I am writing, I feel like writing for those aliens who’d one day replace humans on this planet. Or they’d stumble upon my words on another planet or a star in this unending universe.


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