I remember a woman calling me a hero only to get hold of my money. Whatever followed was the same ole’ same ole’ boring story you might have heard millions of times about gold-diggers.

Thankfully, today I am nobody’s hero and especially after that incident (the one I told above), I’m careful about the specific individual who starts bordering to be like her.

Today’s successful fiction and movies portray heroes i.e. superman, spider man, etc., as the ones who save this world. When in reality, such heroes don’t exist. And maximum we can come close to the reality of those heroes is by saying that all of us are heroes in our own ways in whatever tiny thing or difference we are making in this messed up world.

I think we are all more than heroes especially when all of us come together and make miracles happen. One, single individual hero is a farce someone is hoping or waiting for.

Until, of course if you are one of those gold-diggers like the one who faked love to me 🙂 Only then you can call me your hero and steal all of my money disguised as love.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Weezer lately. By a lot I mean two songs have me playing them on repeat. Mr. Blue Sky and Hero. Go find them and push play. I’ll wait. Mr. Blue Sky is on the Teal album also originally done by ELO; it also plays during the little fight scene in Guardians of Galaxy part 2 as baby Groot dances around.

Everybody needs a hero. Don’t they? I mean I have one. It’s me. No really. Well, it’s actually Mess. She is me and I am her. She’s evolving a little more every day. Mess use to be around because I was a complete Mess. I drank too much, stayed out too late and; well, I had too much fun.

Mess was also who I called upon when I needed to feel a little extra bravery. I felt that I couldn’t handle it…

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