Because I Am A Private Person – What?


Recently I asked an anonymous blogger their reason for being anonymous, and he/she gave me the most stupid reason anyone could think of;

Because I am a private person.


If one cares so much about their privacy, why the heck are they splattering their dicks, vaginas, hearts, kidneys, lungs and what not on Internet except their ugly faces and/or names?

On blogs or forums, I usually see these anonymous individuals posting some interesting random comments or content (posts/poetry/prose) on Internet. Even though I don’t like anything or anyone anonymous, the only thing about them intrigues me is their reason(s) to be anonymous, not their content.

Hence, I always try to ask them their logics or excuses for not revealing their true identity or at least a picture so that one can relate their words with their appearance. For example, if a 100 years old man is posting lustful erotic stuff anonymously, most of the people will mistake him as a “her” who is less than 25 years old with inviting nipples almost tearing apart the upper fabric of the shirt.

What that does is, it destroys the whole experience and genuine feelings those written words carry. Any written word that does not genuinely and truly represent them, is a farce in my humble opinion. You may include fiction of any sort in that and I won’t mind saying that I do solemnly give a damn about fiction.

If anything comes closer to any reason behind someone being anonymous, it is pure cowardice.

Anonymity… my foot!


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