Cosmology Of Love


Whenever I interact with anyone, I am mostly focused on what came out of me vis-a-vis how I impacted the other. While talking to someone about sadness between a couple, here are a few words that came to my mind;

The reason there are trillions of stars out there is that this universe does not revolve around only one star, planet or I preferably call such people as “black holes”. The dying star going through supernova attracts our attention for a bit, only to die i.e. eternally depressed. The love you were born with, it is still there. Your natural shine is going to be there no matter how much you refuse to see. There is no missing love since you already have a self-love and another potential which is waiting out there.

Every star is way different, bigger, smaller, shinier, darker than the other. I enjoy those differences instead of wanting to see them like how I’d want them to change. They are beautiful in their own way. Even “black holes” (eternally depressed people) are good too since they act like a furnace in which all dying stars vanish, only to give birth to new clouds of energy that give birth to new stars and planets.

Sorry for this long rambling about too much cosmology but I could not find a better thing to symbolize people who are confused or who seem to have lost the hope.



2 thoughts on “Cosmology Of Love

  1. And these are the beautiful words that made my heart smile! They have healing powers, since they come from a generous, loving heart.
    Thank you! ♥️

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