I’m Rachel, it was in my mind, and now it’s out.


Only when you are an avid reader and a writer like myself, you can feel how I felt after reading these words. Here’s how a favorite writer of mine introduces herself in her “About” blog post;

I write from the corner of the world and from the corners of my mind. I’m Rachel, it was in my mind, and now it’s out.

She probably lives in New Zealand which actually is almost like the last corner of civilization at the end of the world on map. First she introduces herself from that corner of the world (i.e. New Zealand) from where only a long long ocean begins with almost no end in sight. And then she introduces us to her corners of the mind from which I gather there’s far more deeper and interesting spaces that can be filled by her wonderful words.

And then she goes on to introduce herself as “Rachel” which is a Hebrew word meaning “one with a pure soul”. I can easily imagine her standing on a beach where wind is blowing her beautiful dark hair and she’s looking beyond a colorful horizon right around sunset.

The words that totally attracted my attention and I’d be probably forever in an awe about them are when she said;

It was in my mind, and now it’s out.

Like first she introduced us her place of existence. And then she carried on telling all of us that there are more corners to this world like hers which means even if she has not been to all corners of the world, she is very well aware about their beauty. While pronouncing her name, she sort of tells us that her taking the courage to introduce herself, she is well aware how big a step she has taken. And that, she is also ready to leave too.

That last feeling which I got from these awesome-beyond-words is something that will stay with me forever. All of us are almost like her except we can’t beautifully (and briefly) describe ourselves like she did.

Pure souls like her make this world beautiful despite many doing their best to pollute it.

…. and I almost forgot to mention her picture right next to these deep words. Just notice her eyes and the kind of look on that beautiful face. Like she is deep in thought before and after speaking these words and looking beyond the space between you and I.

And she smiles too 🙂



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