A Pansexual Woman


Why am I not writing about pansexual men? Oh well, I’m not gay in the first place, hence I have no clue (from my own personal experience) what are pansexual men like. However, I have had a huge amount of experience with hundreds of pansexual women in 3 continents over many years. Hence, I’d prefer to talk about things I know myself.

These pansexual women sometimes come off looking for love but actually they are just looking for sex. Its a shameful thing to admit in the first place despite these being more liberating times than before. Very few come off (honestly) as pansexual and I prefer them over confused or shy kind of women who are essentially pansexual.

There is a difference between a slut and a pansexual woman. A woman who is essentially pansexual and every act/word of her speaks loudly about that. She is mostly adamant that she is not, and that she is looking for “the one”. Behind that farce she continues to fool others and herself too. When she can easily lead a truthful pansexual life, she slides easily into the slut status.

Being confused and totally ignorant is perfectly alright. But when one finds a reality about herself, she must admit it and start living her own truth for who she truly is i.e. a pansexual woman.

I am very well aware of pansexual’s definition and/or its connection with bisexuality. But I wanted to share my own definition and/or explanation about who I consider to be pansexual vis-a-vis a heterosexual and/or a monogamous woman.

With more media and availability (of sex), this pansexualism is spreading like a pandemic worldwide. Not that there is anything bad about it.  Times are changing like hell. Sometimes things outside of our comfort zone or foreign ideas bother us. Instead, I digest such new ideas with open mind and a welcoming heart without feeling ashamed at having sex with these pansexual (even though they won’t admit) women.

Sex is, after all, a perfectly natural human trait. And anyone confusing this with love is going to be increasingly frustrated with this constantly evolving world around us.

I have yet to think and write about this strange idea of love that everyone on my right and left side seems to be confused about. Whenever I will have a close encounter with that feeling, maybe I will share my own views about this weird thing called “love”.

Until then, let’s party and have lots and lots of sex with these (open and secret, including confused) pansexual women 🙂

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