Laura goes long distance

Long Distance Relationship. Let’s break it down.

Long… like how long? a month, a year, a decade. Time has no measure when in love. It actually flies.

Distance. Hmm.. a relationship that has a distance of any sort, is not a relationship to begin with. We measure distance via inches, miles and light years. Its actually ZERO in terms of a relationship between two wonderful and unique individuals.

And lastly, RELATIONSHIP. A relationship that ends, was never a relationship to begin with. It was everything else i.e. sex, infatuation, companionship, friendship, etc… but never a true relationship. All these temporary things with various names should preferably be called “temporary” as prefix instead of having these precious words “relationship” anywhere in-between.

Laura goes to London

No one plans to get into a long-distance relationship (LDR).  It can be intense and sometimes difficult and very often lonely.  But sometimes you meet someone whose presence in your life transcends physical distance, who makes you feel connected despite the distance of hundreds or thousands of miles.


The first one happened by accident, of course. I’d gone on my first solo holiday, a yoga retreat in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains outside of Marrakech, followed by a week in the laid-back surf town of Essaouira.

My first impression of Hamza was that he was just so cool. An artist, musician and chef, who looked like the kind of hippy the East London hipsters modelled themselves after. We spent the first day at the beach surfing with a group of new friends.  The next day he asked me to go on a date with him and we spent…

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