Rude Customer Service

Once in a while, you may get a rude customer service representative who happens to be a woman. In addition to lodging a formal complaint, you can think of  many other reasons for her  acting like a bitch in public on a job i.e;

1. Her hiring manager, supervisor or someone else in the management is fucking her at his convenience and is letting her rage out at totally clueless customers.

2. She is having periods or going through her biological menstruation process. You just happen to meet her at wrong time and place. Otherwise, she is a perfectly normal human being like you and I. That’s not what I believe, it’s actually a woman who told me a reason for a woman to sometimes act strange.

3. You are being an ass-hole or a bitch towards her and without giving a damn about her job, she’s decided to return you the favor in kind.

There could be millions of reasons but it totally blows my mind why aren’t people happy or at peace with whatever cards the life plays with them?

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