Swiping Left Unimaginable Number Of Women On Dating Sites

I started dating at the age of 37 since I don’t belong to a culture of teenage moms and dads. These dating adventures continue until today at this very youthful age of 50.

A YouTube video comparing real-life dating to virtual dating caught my eyes (swiping right means YES, swiping left means NO);

And I was shocked to discover that I am also one of those who must have swiped left (rejected) a large number of otherwise potentially beautiful women.

If you consider the average age of 90+ years, I still have a long way to go. But this video totally changed my perspective about dating online. How easily and shamelessly I could reject women online without their knowledge. It was too embarrassing discovery of my own dating pattern.

This reminds me of walking in a $7.99 Chinese buffet lunch with at least 30+ dishes to choose from when I can hardly eat one or two.

Even though having a large quantity gives you a convenient choice, but sometimes the same amount of enormity can confuse the heck out of you by making you lose the focus. Dating 10+ women at the same time has totally done that to me in the last 13 years.

Its not that none of them are capable of being enough for me. Its more like when I can have a choice, why not? That attitude towards love and dating is not my personal choice, its more like the divorce/breakup culture around me. People quit faster than the time they invest on having the relationship in the first place. Its too convenient, easy and quick just because of a large queue of hopefuls out there.

If you are a seasoned dating individual like myself, you’d understand whatever I wrote here. For everyone else, folks like us remain strangers long before and after strange breakups via text.

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